RAW VIDEO: Woman Goes Off On A Vet With PTSD After He Brings His Service Dog Into Restaurant

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A woman went into rage fueled tirade when a Vet with PTSD entered with his family and service dog. A video of the incident went viral after it was uploaded by RJ Wisowaty, owner of Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, where the event took place.

Overly offended that the dog was allowed in the restaurant, the unidentified woman yelled at the Veteran and others who tried to intervene. Appalled at the site of the great dane in the establishment, she stated that there should be a separate section for animals.

“It’s disgusting to have an animal inside a public restaurant:

“It’s my opinion. None of y’all are going to change it. I think it’s gross”

-Unidentified woman

When another woman off camera made the point that the Vet served our country the nut job dismissed it.

“My husband’s dad fought for the f*cking country. What’s your point?”

-Unidentified woman

I wonder, would she be just as outraged if it were a blind person with a seeing eye dog?

Somebody please tell her it is illegal to prohibit service animals in public spaces, regardless of her opinion. I guess there really is something to he saying “dogs are better than people.”

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