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The Real Facts on Sanctuary Cities and the Damage to America

ONe of the key campaign pledges of Donald Trump was to reign in sanctuary cities across America that have become crime-ridden cesspits. Sure, there are nice places in these areas, but the tren is one of rapid decline. In fact, some of the places are getting so unlivable that they are facing a mass exodus of honest taxpayers leaving the cities even more burdened.

When an illegal alien commits a crime, he or she is sentenced and serves their time, and then they are supposed to be handed over to ICE on a detainer to investigate whether they should be deported. But these cities are not cooperating, they are letting these dangerous criminals back into the very communities they hurt in the first place.

Some of these people are serious felons. They have committed rape, murder, child molestation and other violent crimes, but then are released back into the city. It is madness.

Sure there is an argument to be made that they have served their time in prison. But the reality is that many criminals are recidivists. They will commit more crimes. There is almost nothing that can be done about homegrown criminals, but why should we purposely keep criminals in society that are not even US citizens?

And who pays for these people? The taxpayers of the cities who hope that their tax dollars will be spent on schools and law enforcement, instead it is spent incarcerating recidivist aliens who damage the very communities they live in, often migrant communities.

This is wrong and needs to be dealt with.


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