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Refugees Down 70% in Trump’s First Year

According to a recent study by Center for Immigration Studies researcher Nayla Rush, the figures for the amount of refugees admitted into the United States during Donald Trump’s first year as president are down a staggering 70% on the year before under Barack Obama.

From over 90,000 to under 30,000 is a huge drop and is in line with what the President promised during his campaign. The next year is set to be even lower.

Depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, you’ll likely greet this news with either joy or scorn. But the reality is that this is not about hurting people, and it is not about leaving genuine refugees left behind.

A study carried out by the European Union (who are massively pro-immigration from North Africa and the Middle East) suggests that of the more than one million “refugees” who entered Europe during the “migrant crisis,” more than 80% should not have qualified for refugee status.

These were young men who left their wives, mothers and daughters at home to seek a new life. No one can blame them for wanting a better life, but could it really be that dangerous back in their home countries (btw, the vast majority of these guys were NOT from places like Syria or Iraq) if they are willing to leave the females?

ISIS has stated openly that they will use this crisis to flood the West with half a million Jihadis. Why shouldn’t we believe them?

All countries need to run a compassionate refugee admittance system to help those really in danger…It’s the right thing to do. But we do NOT need an open border to anyone who claims to have “lost my ID” whilst still managing to travel on international flights!

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