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Refugees Admitted to the US down 83%!

For the first two months of the fiscal year 2018, the number of refugees admitted to the United States has dropped an incredible 83%. During October and November, only 3,108 refugees were admitted in, this is down from the 18,300 admitted during the same period last year.

The massive numbers that were entering before are NOT a cause for the celebration of humanity and caring. The refugee system is gamed and abused at the expense of people who are in genuine need. If the Obama administration were serious about helping people that most needed it, they would have gone to the camps and refugees cities around the world, gathered the mothers with young children, put them on a plane and flown them out of the hell-holes where women and children are raped, trafficked and abused.

But they didn’t. They chose to let corrupt systems put forward those who have the money to bribe or the connections to persuade. This is not what helping refugees is about.

Under Germany’s Angela Merkel, she (and the EU) cast open Europe’s borders and redefined what a refugee is stating that someone who is fleeing poverty is also a refugee. And what we saw was that even the EU’s own figures suggested that only 3% of those millions coming in were genuine refugees! So where were the real people who needed help? Left behind in the refugee camps to be trafficked and abused.

Regardless your opinion on refugee support, you shouldn’t want scam artists to get priority over at-risk children. We need a major overhaul of the system to ensure we are helping those that need it, not those who seek to make more for themselves at the expense of others.

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