“Refugees” Flee America – Look Out Canada!

Latest reports suggest that people are “fleeing” the United States for Canada at a shockingly high rate. Now that the President is enforcing immigration laws, it seems that people who are classifying themselves as refugees are crossing the Canadian border illegally in the hopes of being able to stay.

Just in August, more than 5,700 asylum seekers crossed the border illegally, putting a huge strain on Canada and of course Canadian citizens. But why are they leaving the US? And what is Canada doing to ensure the safety of its citizens?

This all began when Canadian PM Trudeau decided that he would make himself look good on the world stage by saying that people would always be welcomed in Canada. What he didn’t suspect was that illegal migrants in the US would take advantage of this “generosity” in such numbers.

Professor Mireille Paquet,  a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs says: “We are living a lot of uncertainty about immigration reform in the U.S. What’s going to happen with DACA or what’s going to happen also with a calls for even a smaller intake of refugees and a move towards a points system in the U.S.””Whether that’s going to happen or not, I think there’s a lot of uncertainty for populations.”

But since the more than 14,000 “refugees” arrived this year, the Canadian government has begun backtracking saying that application for Asylum does not mean they will get it.

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