Rep. Keith Ellison Ties to Nation of Islam Exposed!

What would you do if your elected Representative was found to have lied about his connections with a group that praises Hitler as a “Very good man”, calls for the destruction of a race of people, and blames Jews for all the ills of the world? Would you vote for him? Would you place him high in your party ranks? Well, this is exactly what the Democrats have done with Keith Ellison.

When Keith Ellison first ran for election, he openly stated that he had worked with the Nation of Islam for around 18 months and then cut ties with them. But, evidence reveals that he has, on numerous occasions, hung out with NoI leader Louis Farrakhan to discuss matters “important” to the cause.

Here’s the thing. There is nothing that stops a Nation of Islam adherent from running for office, so why has Ellison lied about his connections? It is a con on the American people who voted for him (and for those that didn’t). Either he should be open and proud about his beliefsĀ or he should not be in office. We have had enough of liars using their platforms for personal agendas over the last decade, how about some honesty?

The Nation of Islam have been identified as a hate group many times by many people. They do not want unity, they do not want America to thrive…They want, according to Farrakhan, a destruction of Israel, an end to Jews, and to bring white folk down.

Thanks DNC. You have shown your true colors finally.