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Russia’s “Bots” Attacking American Democracy? – Here’s What You Need to Know

The radical left in the US is stating that President Vladimir Putin engaged an army of Russian provocateurs to destabilize American Democracy and elections through an onslaught of Facebook and Twitter posts. They insinuate that this tilted the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump (thereby making him illegitimate) and even that they influenced the British Brexit vote.

Here’s the truth…It’s all nonsense.

These allegations are all based on the idea that Facebook and Twitter accounts have been traced back to Russia. ??!?!?! Has no one n the American “Intelligence” communities heard of a VPN (virtual private network) that allows you to choose the IP address from whichever country you wish? Or is it too high-tech for the Russian government?

You can buy a year’s subscription to a VP from about $30 (the better ones cost around¬†$70, but allow for up to five people to use it). Quite simply, it makes it look as if your computer is in the country you choose. It’s easy to use (took me about 3 minutes to figure out mine).

With the wealth, power and knowledge in the grasp of the Russian government, would they be stupid enough to send out these posts from their basement apartment in the suburbs of Moscow? Or would they (if they are truly responsible) not use a VPN (or something far more advanced than what you and I can buy online, legally today)?

It is madness to think that the Russians would engage in this and not cover their tracks with even basic precautions. Therefore, it must be a lie.

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