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Sad Night: Six Officers Shot In One Night Across America

Kissimmee - Police officers shot WESH.com
Kissimmee - Police officers shot WESH.com

Six police officers were shot on Friday, two are confirmed dead, in three distinct U.S. cities, their various agencies have verified. In central Florida, two Kissimmee Police Department officers were shot, chief Jeffrey O’Dell said in a press conference early Saturday morning.

Officer Matthew Baxter, a three-year veteran, died. Another officer, 10-year veteran Sgt. Sam Howard, is in “grave critical condition and the prognosis doesn’t look great,” O’Dell said. Gov. Rick Scott wrongly tweeted late Friday night that both officers had died.

One of the four cowardly suspects stays on the run. The officers were investigating suspicious activities made by these persons. President Trump responded to the Kissimmee shootings, tweeting, “My thoughts and prayers are with the @KissimmeePolice and their nearest and dearest. We’re with you! #LESM”

In northeastern Florida, two officers were shot, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced. 1 officer is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition, the Sheriff’s Office said. The suspect was captured and killed by officials. In Fairchance, Pennsylvania Friday night, two Pennsylvania State Police troopers were shot, officials said. The two troopers are secure and expected to endure. The defendant is dead. “Two state troopers shot and [the] suspect is dead,” Pennsylvania State Police spokeswoman Melinda Bondarenka told ABC News. “We aren’t releasing any more information at the moment.”

This hatred for cops across America should come to an end at the moment, or it is going to get worse for everybody. If cops are starting to shoot quicker in America you can’t blame them after six colleagues got shot in one night. You need to wonder though if this is a component of the Lefts summer of anger across America, which is now totally linked to George Soros and the remainder of the Left in the USA. After

After this, if somebody in the USA or some group blame cops for all trouble in America they are just stupid. For some reason, these shootings of police officers need to be connected, and that is the reason the Trump administration must announce Alt-Left groups such as Antifa as terror groups before this becomes a daily spectacle, or compels Trump’s hand to martial law.


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