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San Juan Mayor – FEMA is “Filtering Her Out!”

The Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who has made big headlines these last few weeks with her condemnation of President Trump’s response to Hurrican Maria, is being “filtered out” by the FEMA administration. For all of her tough talk and rhetoric, it seems that in terms of actually helping people and organizations getting things done, she is of no value whatsoever.

Who would have thought that someone who at the direction of the Democrats attacks the president would be useless at doing anything worthwhile?

FEMA’s Director of Operations (the guy who actually gets things done) said:

“We filtered out the mayor a long time ago. We don’t have time for the political noise,” Long said. “The bottom line is, is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor.”

“Rebuilding, rebuilding Puerto Rico is going to be a greater conversation for the Congress in conjunction with the governor on … what the way forward is in the future of Puerto Rico,” Long continued.

So for all her harping about how “this is a genocide” she wasn’t actually doing anything to help? Strange? Or just another typical example of leftist behavior?

Even before FEMA’s announcement, we should have know that she was of little value. It turns out that she hadn’t even met with FEMA teams to help coordinate efforts. And despite telling the complicit MSM that there were no relief supplies, they were in fact, sat on the ports waiting for the truck drivers that she was supposed¬†to organize to distribute them!

This is just another example of a politician out to make noise for herself and her career without actually doing the job she was hired to do. The people of San Juan should Fire Her!


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