San Juan Mayor Takes Aim at Trump – But This is What People DON”T KNOW!

The Mayor of San Juan, Carme Cruz, has taken shots at the president over his handling of disaster relief in Puerto Rico. She has been backed up by all major Democrats and the establishment media, but there is one thing that they are purposely keeping from the press: she has had almost nothing to do with the relief efforts.

Cruz has claimed that the Federal government is “killing Puerto Ricans”  “with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy.” And that “This is what we got last night. Four pallets of water, three pallets of meals, and 12 pallets of infant food — which, I gave them to the people of Comerio, where people are drinking off a creek.”

But according to Angel Perez, Mayor of Guaynabo, Cruz actually hasn’t been involved at all and has a very distorted picture of what’s really happening:

“She is not participating in any meetings and we had a couple already with the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, of these whole federal agencies that have given us help and she’s not participating in those meetings and some mayors from her political party have been participating, so I don’t know why she is saying that. My experience is very different.”

So why are the MSM not covering what Mayor Perez says? Is it because it doesn’t fit in with their anti-Trump agenda?

By all accounts (except Mayor Cruz’s) the people on the ground in PR are doing a fantastic job of getting the region back on its feet…and much of this is to do with President Trump’s swift and decisive actions.

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