Sarsour’ Calls For “Jihad” Against Trump, Sparks Epic Clash Between Ben Shapiro And CAIR

The backlash against Linda Sarsour for calling for a “type of Jihad” has been quite stunning. Many have criticized her for her choice of words in an already dangerously charged environment, and many have defended her saying that she quotes what is “a peaceful verse about Mohammed”. The reality, whichever side you look at it from, is a little of both.

The specific quote refers to the “best form of Jihad” being a “quiet word to a Tyrant”. Here’s the deal, this has been interpreted by Islamic scholars to mean speaking “truth to power” in some sense, but it is also made very clear that this should NEVER be done in a public forum such as Sarsour did. There are also Islamic scholars that have claimed that if you are Martyred whilst doing this, then it is the best form of Martyrdom.

And the other side is that there are crazy people out there with no real grasp of reality…We call them terrorists. Most terrorist attacks in recent years (in Europe at least) have been committed by people who have a history of prison and drug use. These guys are screwed up and looking for “Salvation”. They are preyed upon by Imams who use them as weapons by radicalizing them. And when THEY hear the word Jihad, can we doubt how they interpret it?

It was irresponsible. Sarsour knows that there are people who will interpret it like this. She has decried non-Muslims for complaining and stated: Should we change how we speak? Well, no. But if you are going to use words from the Koran or the hadiths, you should use them properly. “A QUIET WORD”. Not on the world stage…It is, after all, how it was meant, and interpretation is everything.

You can see a debate between Ben Shapiro and a member of CAIR on Fox here:


As reported in Fox News:

After Muslim-American activist Linda Sarsour called for a ‘jihad’ against the Trump administration, columnist Ben Shapiro took on a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to debate her use of the word.

“Jihad” means a “struggle to speak truth to power,” said Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of CAIR in Florida.

“We all know that there are terrorists all over the world who invoke the word ‘jihad’ as justification for what they do, and Linda Sarsour knows that too,” Shapiro told him.

“You just don’t like a vocal American Muslim woman proudly standing for justice. Shame on you,” Shibly shot back.

Shapiro argued the Muslim activist was the one “taking this one line out of context.”

“They want to silence me,” Sarsour tweeted after the backlash.

Shibly insisted that Muslims must “reclaim” the word “jihad”  from extremists who have “hijacked and distorted” it.

“It’s too late for that,” host Dana Perino told him.

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