Senate Opens Investigation into Obama/Clinton/Russia Bribery – Guess who was Head of the FBI?

After it emerged that there was bribery taking place with companies associated with the selling off of the USA’s Uranium stocks to Russia, the Senate Judiciary has finally opened an investigation. This was a major government scandal that should have stopped any dealings dead. But it didn’t, and many suspect that it is because the beneficiaries were none other than Obama and Clinton.

But surely, at the time, the FBI would have had some knowledge (in fact, it is likely FBI files that are now being looked at) of this scandal? Well, guess who was at the head of the FBI when this took place…Robert Mueller.

The same man who is presently heading up an investigation into possible Russian Collusion and interference may be the same man who directly covered up Russian Collusion and bribery.

Do you still think he is the right man for the job?

What is happening right now is a disgrace to America. Mueller has been granted powers not to follow up leads on President Donald Trump, but to go out and look for leads! He has an open-ended investigation based on nothing but accusations made up by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in the wee small hours of their defeat.

Yet it has taken years for the revelations of this bribery and corruption scandal to even see the light of day. The Deep State is working hard against your freedoms and interests. Don’t stand for it!

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