Senator Al Franken Accused of Sexual Assault – What’s the Comparison to Moore?

Fresh off the rabid dog feasting on Judge Roy Moore, new allegations have come out regarding Democrat Senator Al Franken. The former SNL writer turned politico has been accused of touching a woman’s breasts while she was sleeping and “forcing his tongue” down her throat. However, unlike the allegations against Moore, this time there is actual photographic evidence. And what has the MSM reaction been? – Pitiful.

A photo and accusations emerged that Franken groped news host and former USO entertainer, Leeann Tweeden, in 2006. A photo of him touching her while she sleeps soundly on a C17 flight has taken the Twittersphere by storm.

And what reactions have we had from the “great and good”?

Franken has not been asked to stand down (as Moore was). He has not been described as a despicable pervert (as Moore was), and the only stories running about him explain that he has asked for a Senate ethics inquiry into himself after issuing an apology.

Why are the GOP and the DNC not going after him with the same vitriol they are with Moore? Is it because Franken is part of the leftist elite and Moore is just a true conservative?

With Roy Moore, there are only allegations, no proof. With Franken, there is clear proof. So why the different treatment? It’s time that hypocrites stopped dictating to the world how we should react. We can make up our own minds, and don’t need traitors and liars to tell us what we should be feeling.

Apparently, this country still has the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” unless, of course, you happen to be a conservative.


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