The Same Senator that Called for Trump’s Assassination, is Now Calling him Hitler!

The Democrats need t get a grip on their people. It is a burden on America to have political parties in place that are not only inept and corrupt but are also unable to put together a logical argument without reverting to hyperbole and “alternative facts.”

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal Tweeted out a photograph that alludes to the recent Dove campaign add, but in this version, President Trump reveals himself to be Hitler underneath┬áhis “outer layer.”

POint one…Trump has not killed millions of people.

Point two…Anyone who uses the phrase “Trump is Hitler” does not understand the word “is.”

Point three…Anyone who says Trump is similar to Hitler should provide comparisons of aspects. It is not enough to say that he “says things at rallies” that get people charged up because I remember another person who got people fired up at rallies in 2008 and 2012.

How is it possible that Nadal is still in a position of power after calling for TRump’s assassination? Because she is protected by the insidious and self-serving Democrats who happen to agree with her. These are not leaders, they are not the people suited to guiding a nation…They are petulant children who lack the ability to think!

How did we come to this place. Very sad.

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