Shia LeBeouf’s Anti-Trump Art Exhibit Destroyed by 4chan Group

Shia LeBouf’s Anti-Trump Art Exhibit has been turned off.  The actor made the decision to end the exhibit after 4chan users discovered its hidden location.   The exhibit was originally featured in New York City.   It consisted of a live stream in which the 30-year-old actor repeats the phrase, “He will not divide us.”  LeBeouf promised to keep the stream going throughout the duration of the Trump Presidency.

As more people learned of the exhibit, more trolls showed up to crash it. Eventually it got so bad that LeBeouf had to relocate the exhibit to Albuquerque, NM. After a few days the same thing began happening there. People would randomly come up to the exhibit to scream random things into the live stream. LeBeouf finally had enough and relocated his live stream to an “undisclosed location.”


Users on 4chan began comparing flight paths, star charts, and many other things to try to discover the location of the flag. Eventually a picture of Shia LeBeouf in a restaurant in Greenville, Tennessee surfaced online. A 4chan member drove to this location and began driving around while honking his horn. When the users watching the live stream of the flag heard the horn they immediately located the flag. The flag was taken down and replaced with a “Make America great again” hat.

Shia LeBeouf finally admitted defeat and turned the live stream off. It is unknown at this time if he intends to relocate it and turn it back on.

Source: Western Journalism
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