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Shocking Video Shows Berkeley Police Setting Up Trump Supporters

Shocking video released by Lauren Southern shows the Berkeley police department setting up Trump supporters. It occurred at the “Patriots Day” protest at Berkeley University in California. According to Southern, the Trump supporters checked with the police before going to Berkeley. The police told them they would be impressed with how they handled things. The police then gave them a list of prohibited items they were not allowed to possess at any protest. The list contained items like fireworks, flag poles, basically anything that could hurt anyone. Then when the riots started at Berkeley on the 15th, the police ran to their cars and refused to protect the Trump supporters. The police disarmed the Trump supporters, they did not disarm antifa:

Another video recorded by a different person shows police doing nothing as people try to get help. A man runs around claiming people are seriously injured, the police do nothing. It is unknown if the person is a Trump supporter or an antfi:

The two videos raise serious questions on the conduct of the Berkeley police department. Why are they disarming Trump supporters and then jumping in their cars when the violence starts? Why are there numerous videos of them standing around doing nothing as the violence erupts?

Times Have Changed..

Ronald Reagan was faced with similar protest problems in 1969. Reagan resolved the situation quickly by sending in the national guard:

How did we go from standing up to the protesters to running from the protesters?

Source: Lauren Southern
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