Shooting in hospital New York, victim and shooter died

Last Friday there was a shooting in a hospital in the United States. Six people were injured, another victim died. The shooter robbed committed suicide after his cowardly act.  The shots were unloaded at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York. A major hospital for the south and the center of the Bronx district.

The shooter, a doctor who worked at the hospital until 2015, arrived at the hospital around 3 pm and opened the fire. He smuggled a weapon into a white doctor’s jacket.

“When firefighters and police evacuated the building, the sprinklers went off, probably because the shooter tried to shoot himself,” a police spokesman said.


The emergency services found the shooter on the seventeenth floor laying dead on the ground. He had shot himself. Later a female doctor was found dead. “On one floor we found six other wounded, they were brought to the first aid. Five of them have serious injuries”

All six injured were taken to the emergency department of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, according to the police spokesman. According to press agency Reuters there was a widespread panic at the hospital when the shooting started.


Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York speaks of “a horrible incident in a place that associates people with care and recovery.” He praised the “heroic deeds” of the medical staff, who also took care of their patients.



De Blasio: “Fortunately, it’s not a terrorist attack, but that does not make it even less terrible.”

Former employee

American media report that the perpetrator was an old employee at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. By 2015 he would have resigned himself,  At that time there would also be several allegations of sexual harassment.  He left the hospital when he filed for his resignation.


Picture credit: nu/midnightdues

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