Sweden Just Approved Child Marriage for Muslims

Sweden in the grips of a madness to appease and accommodate the massive influx of migrants has gone too far with their Liberalism and decided to approve a child marriage for a girl who is not only pregnant but also the cousin of the older man she is “married” to.

So apparently, pedophilia, child rape, and incest are now an allowable part of Swedish law. And it was all done in the name of “accepting other people’s cultures.”

Sakine Madon, a political scientist, and journalist¬† points out that this is an unjust ruling by the judge who permitted the “marriage” to be declared valid:

“So if a girl is considered ‘mature’, it is less wrong that she is part of a child marriage? So if the girl has a certain religious and cultural background, are child marriages in order?” she writes, and continues:

“It is difficult to interpret the verdict in another way. The girl is also described as a mature person with free will. Anyone who knows what honor culture is, is well aware of the powerlessness and pressure a minor married girl is exposed to. Why close your eyes to that she is underage?”

The girl, who was married to the man when she was just 12 years-old, was thought “mature enough” by the judge, and who when questioned did not appear to be held against her will. This ignores the fact that although the girl was placed with other family members during the trial, she was still under pressure from all members of the family who clearly approved of her “rape.” This is the “Honor Culture.” If she chose to leave her “husband” she would be ostracized from her family and shamed.

A once great nation has succumbed to a hideous cultural practice from a foreign ideology. Goodbye Sweden.

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