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Sweden Now Turning Refugees into Prison Guards Via New Program

Sweden has come with a very unique way to deal with their refugee crisis. Make them prison guards. Sweden is now training Asylum Seekers from the Middle East to become prison guards in a new program at the Mariefred prison. The program has been set up by the Swedish government. The program aims to put 450 recent migrants and disabled people placed in various internships that include prison guards, cooks and other jobs within correctional facilities across the country. What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

The refugee crisis in Sweden has been a hot topic in the past years. Conservatives point to facts that say Sweden became the “rape capital of the world” after they accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees. Liberals will use statistics from various Swedish sources to argue that the refugee resettlement program has no effect on crime rates in the country. Such statistics don’t explain why contractors are so scared of refugees that they won’t even build a police station in migrant dominated neighborhoods. There are also accusations that the Swedish Government is attempting to hide the problem by padding statistics.

A breeding ground for radical Islam

Many wonder if Sweden will be creating more problems within their prisons. In France, a report to the French National Assembly last year claimed that French prisons had become a breeding ground for radical Islamic indoctrination. 60 percent of inmates are Muslim. British prisons are no difference as the former chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said in 2015 that prisons were a conduit for radical Islamic recruitment.

“It is so bad non-Muslim prisoners are refusing to move there as they feel intimidated, there is huge pressure put on them to convert and a threat of violence if they don’t. The Muslim gangs have their own rules and use Sharia law to sort out disagreements. In effect, they are setting up their own prison within a prison.” – media source

There have been reports dating back to 2006 that claim ISIS was already recruiting members from Swedish prisons.

Sweden will not be stopped

It seems that nothing is going to stop Sweden in their quest to show the world that refugee resettlement can work. No evidence, no facts, no suffering of the Swedish people will deter Sweden from this goal. While I can understand the desire to get refugees working at some form of a job, I cannot understand why that job would have anything to do with enforcing the law. What’s going to be next? Refugee police officers?

Source: Breitbart
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