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Teen Gets Job After Police Officer Buys Him the Clothes He Tried to Steal For a Job Interview

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Toronto police Const. Niran Jeyanesan bought a shirt and tie for an alleged shoplifter earlier this month after learning the teenager needed the clothes for a job interview. Toronto police say the teen called Jeyanesan to tell him that he got the job and starts Monday. (TORONTO POLICE SERVICE / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

A teen who wore the shirt and tie that a Toronto cop bought for him after he reportedly tried to steal them for a job interview was hired. Const. Niran Jeyanesan believed he was responding to a regular shoplifting call on Aug. 6 in a Walmart in the city’s north end. The 18-year-old who had reportedly tried to steal some clothing had picked out a long-sleeved shirt, a tie and a pair of socks.

He told the officers that they were meant to get a job interview.Jeyanesan said the teenager told him he did not have the clothing he thought could land the “service sector place” he had employed. He said that his father had fallen ill and he wanted to help supply.”He was very remorseful, very ashamed,” Jeyanesan said of the adolescent at the moment.

“I could see that this is really a mistake and this person wanted a chance at life.”Jeyanesan chose to buy the shirt and tie for the adolescent, who left the police station without fees after questioning. He also referred the teenager’s father to a project.

Police spokesperson Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said the teenager named Jeyanesan, who gave the adolescent his number, and let him know that the outfit worked — he landed the place and begins work on Monday.”There was already a feeling of pride and admiration that I had toward the officer’s actions to start with,” Douglas-Cook stated. “(It) just added to it that much more when I heard that the final result of how his actions have paid off so far.”


Article source: TheStar.com

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