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Texas Shooter: Was he Really Antifa Trying to Start a Civil War?

With 26 dead and 20 more injured, the horrific mass shooting at the San Antonia church yesterday has left the nation reeling. This is the second such attack in as many months (not including ones that are clearly linked to terrorism), and it will undoubtedly begin a round of recriminations about “whose side he is from?”

We shouldn’t, of course, play these games. But the reality is that the MSM and the left will try to politicize this in any way possible. Already, the left is screaming happily that this was a “white male” and trying desperately to make this something about “Trump’s America.” But is it? Or is it Hillary’s America and the angry leftist rhetoric that is in part responsible?

Sources and reports have begun coming out that suggest Devin Kelley was not, in fact, the religious type the MSM declares. Feeds from his facebook account show that he was not engaged with the church and was into atheism. It also shows that he had sympathies with Antifa.

Pictures circulating on the web suggest that Kelley was interested in starting a civil war in the United States and that he had been connecting with Antifa online. If this is true, then we can expect to see a lot more.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Antifa is a loose coalition. They are funded, they are connected, and they have resources and tech that make law enforcement look like amateurs. This is an organization that recruits and indoctrinates. Some might even say “Radicalizes.”

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