The Weinstein Connection! New York Times killed Weinstein sexual misconduct story in 2004

All the media chatter about Harvey Weinstein being another symptom of the “white male patriarchy” is nothing but a distraction aimed at stopping is asking questions. He years of alleged abuse, rape, and sexual assault were ignored (and even permitted?) for one reason: he’s on the political left.

The Obama’s have received funding and support from him,  as have Clinton organizations, he is in so deep with the DNC that it is almost impossible that they were unaware of his aggressive, sexually predatory tendencies.

So why has the left been silent all these years? Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be the party that alleges to care about people? They ignored cases of very real abuse (just think of the string of crimes attached to former President Bill Clinton), in favor of making up fantasies of “institutionalized racism” and “college rape culture” for which there has never been any real evidence provided.

Without choosing sides (because there are some really sick people in both parties), this particular kind of cover-up and facilitation seems to be synonymous with left-leaning politics. Would it be so hard for a representative to just stand up and say: Look, we didn’t know, we know now and we don’t want any more to do with this guy? Or does Weinstein have secrets to tell?

This week we learned that the New York Times killed Weinstein sexual misconduct story in 2004, it was “stripped” of any reference to the accusations after being pressured by him to do so. “After intense pressure from Weinstein … the story was gutted,” Sharon Waxman wrote Sunday in an article for The Wrap, a site she founded in 2009.

“I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known,” Waxman added. “I knew he was a major advertiser in the Times, and that he was a powerful person overall.”



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