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Thugs Beat Iraq War Veteran Almost To Death, Released After Pleading Guilty

Ralph Weems, a 32-year-old Marine and Iraq War Veteran, was beaten into a coma by a group of 20 black men in retaliation for Michael Brown.   One of those men pleaded guilty to felony assault and walked home a free man.   Apparently Ralph Weem’s white privilege wasn’t enough to keep Cortez McMillian incarcerated for almost killing him.

Ralph Weems and another veteran, David Knighten, would have their lives forever changed after they tried to eat at a Mississippi Waffle House in 2014. When they approached the building they were told it wasn’t a safe area for White people, the blacks inside were upset about Michael Brown. An argument broke out after they entered, they left and tried to find somewhere else to eat. They eventually found a Huddle House, when they entered they were assaulted by over 20 black men at the same time. Knighten claims racial slurs were yelled from the crowd as the men kicked and beat the Iraq War Veteran.

Though he was beaten for the color of his skin, while people yelled racial slurs, they were still not charged with a hate crime!

In fact, one of their attackers walked free just 3 years after the assault. Cortez McMillian was sentenced to seven years to serve with five years and four months suspended, and to be given credit for time already served. He was released on April 10th, 2017. He will be under five years post-release supervision and will be fined $1,000 and court costs.

While his attackers walk free, Ralph Weems has a long path to recovery. He was left in a coma, and he suffered a very traumatic brain injury. In 2015, one year after the attack, the New York Daily News said Weems wasn’t returning “anytime soon.” Weems will probably never be the same again.

The two other attackers, Marquavious McMillian and Kent Davis, are awaiting their fate. Their trials were to be held this week as well but were continued until Oct. 9. They are also charged with aggravated assault.

If the races were reversed, the mainstream media would still be talking about it, a national holiday would have been dedicated in remembrance, and the attackers would have got the death penalty by now.

Source: Clarion Ledger
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