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Tired Of Speeders? This Senior Citizen Has The Solution, Copied By Millions!

The road where I live is full of kids. But nevertheless, some idiots drive by in their cars like the road is a race track.  Maybe you have the same dangerous problem where you live. Well, here is a solution, a brilliant and very cheap one!

In the United Kingdom, Jean Brooks started using her brilliant solution that has the entire internet cheering.  When her son-in-law died, she began collecting money for cancer research by opening a little cafe in her front yard.  People come around to enjoy a cup of tea while donating money for the good cause.

speedersHowever, after she opened the cafe, Jean realized that something was not right on the street in front of her residence. Jean found that cars driving by like crazy up and down her road all day. She did not know what she could do about it “I had been listening to the radio and they were talking about those children who were riding around on bicycles. They asked if anybody had obtained an answer for it and I called up and said ‘I have one, I use my hairdryer,'” Jean told the Nottingham Post.

Jean heard that somebody in France used a hair dryer as a fake speed gun to deceive drivers into slowing down.When she saw a car barreling down the road, Jean began pointing her hair dryer at the driver –and most motorists really slowed down! The BBC recently posted a series video about Jean on Facebook–and in less than five days, it racked up over 31 million views. Something that made her really content.”I have made my street safer for children and I have made my grieving daughter smile. This is priceless,” Jean told the Nottingham Post. So clever!


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