Transgender soldiers Go To Court to Challenge Decision Trump

transgender soldiers

Five US transgender soldiers went to court on Wednesday to challenge the decision of President Donald Trump to ward off transgender from the American armed forces. Trump announced on Twitter last month that the US government wants to ward off transgender forces from the armed forces.

The soldiers ask the court to label Trump’s transgender ban as unconstitutional and block the introduction. By the president’s decision, thousands of transgenders in the armed forces are in great uncertainty. In many cases, they did not get out of the closet after the Pentagon indicated last year that there was no objection.

Active service

According to Reuters press office, there are three air force soldiers, one serving member of the air force and one coast guard. All five are still active; Some of the prosecutors have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Pentagon has previously indicated that the policy will only be adjusted if Trump comes with an official order. That’s still not happening. The White House did not want to respond to the lawsuit.

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