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Travel Ban Attacked by 9th Circuit…Again!

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Unsurprisingly, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has once again taken aim at President Trump’s travel ban for eight countries who seem incapable of properly vetting their citizens in coordination with US security policy. The panel declared in their ruling that the president’s actions were not only against the federal law but were also outside the scope of his authority.

But this time the present ban doesn’t have to be stopped until it gets to the Supreme Court. What does this tell us? Very clearly, this shows that those bringing the cases expect them to be knocked down when real judges get to hear them. By not asking for the actions to be stopped, it makes it easier to claim that they were only interested in “legality” and not just bringing frivolous cases.

This whole attack on Trump’s travel restriction is destined to fail, and they know it! What they are hoping to achieve is a narrative about the president showing that he can’t get things done.

Trump got elected on the basis that he was a hard as nails business guy who could “get the job done!” If the left can obfuscate and interrupt legislation, they can claim he is incompetent. But it looks like they picked the wrong approach. Trump doesn’t quit! he’s going to get this through.

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