Trevor Noah says Trump “Prefers White People”

Daily Show host, Trevor Noah in an interview on the British Newsnight made a statement that while falling short of calling the president a white supremacist, certainly had overtones of it. He said: “I don’t know if Donald Trump is a white supremacist. I do know that he prefers white people over black people.”

This is nothing short of playing up the racial division across the world based on ridiculous assumptions and idiocy. The fact is, that the president may well prefer white people to black people and that Trevor Noah may indeed prefer black people to white people. The idea that we should ignore some very basic facts of evolution in the search for “a non-raced world” is ignorant. Let me explain…

When we are born, the first connections we make are to our parents (usually the mother), we see faces and learn to discern what makes us afraid and what emotions are (through smiles and attitudes). It is in these formative months that we also make many of our later imprints for what kind of people we find attractive. (please check out Jared Diamond’s “The Third Chimpanzee” and Desmond Morris’ “The Naked Ape” for further reading).

This does not mean that people cannot or will not love other races, but that all of us have an early-formed association with those that look most like us. It is not racist and it is not conscious, it is an evolutionary mechanism.

But what Noah is trying to do is create the impression that Trump is a racist; he is not pointing out subtle nuance or evolutionary drives, he is making media hay.

He says:

“I do know that he has specifically gone out of his way with his companies to oppress black people, I do know that he hasn’t been as quick to react in the aid of black people as he has with others, I do know that he has supported and continues to retweet white supremacists on his Twitter account.”

Do you know this Trevor? Do you really? Or is it all just part of a 24-hour media cycle that is desperate to be relevant? You know what? If you can “prove” (and I don’t mean just based on your feelings) that Trump is being purposely discriminatory against races other than his own based on color, I’ll join you and we’ll march against him together…Until then, please stop making idiotic statements.

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