Trump Ad Accuses Dems of Being “Complicit in all Murders” by Illegals – Is It Right?

A new ad by the Trump re-election campaign calls out the Democrats and accuses them of being complicit in murders committed by illegal aliens. It’s strong stuff and features a recent court outburst by illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes (twice-deported), who then killed two police officers and bragged that he wished he had killed more.

But is the ad right when it says Democrats are complicit in murders by illegal aliens?It depends on your definition of complicit.

Are the Democrats responsible for encouraging illegal migrants to come to the US? Yes, they are. They advocate for policies that protect them from being deported after committing crimes and do very little to even suggest that they are for border control. And with the regular folk who enter illegally looking for a better life, along come the criminals and very, very bad people.

This is not putting Americans first. It is reasonable to assume that criminals fleeing justice in their own countries will make a line for the US…So allowing in practically anyone, and then stopping them from being deported WILL, WITHOUT DOUBT, end with criminals committing cries! (It’s what they do).

So at the very least, the Democrats are guilty of enabling criminal migrants to commit crimes in the US.


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