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Trump Declared Mentally and Physically Fit – Media Despairs

The left has been trying to convince the American people that Donlad Trump is mentally unfit for office as a way of removing him from power using the 25th Amendment. They are doing so because they know that with no policies, no ideas, and the success of the Trump presidency that they have zero chance of winning the White House for a long time to come.

With the help of the fake Yale professor Bandy Lee and the complicit media, they have been pushing a narrative that the president has mental problems and is deteriorating…not long before this, they were trying to sell the idea of dementia.

Well, it’s all over now!

The White House doctor not only gave Donald Trump a clean bill of physical health but went even further.

He said during a press conference (with the media salivating hoping for some news of impairment), that President Trump had insisted (in order to put the fake news to bed) that the doctor carries out mental health checks, too. The doctor demurred saying that he sees the president almost daily and knows for a fact that he is high functioning and without impairment…But Trump insisted.

End result? He Aced it. No signs or symptoms of cognitive issues at all.

And now the media are weeping. Trump insisting on this test has made them look like what they really are: desperate liars trying to smear a man because they lost.

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