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Is Trump about to Destroy Obamacare with One Signature?

The president, frustrated with the lack o action on the Affordable Care Act, could be set to take matters into his own hands. He has been making strong signals that he intends to cut through the BS by just signing an Executive Order that will allow small businesses more freedom in how they purchase care.

Sources say he will do this next week at the White House with attendants form small businesses being there to congratulate him…And the Democrats are terrified.

If he does this, it will undermine the whole of the Affordable Care Act by giving some people choice…and then everyone will want it.

The president’s threat to sign the EO is likely to be true, and the Dems have just one week to come up with a proposal that will stop Trump destroying Obama’s legacy.

“It would have a very negative impact on the markets,” said Mike Kreidler, the insurance commissioner in Washington State. “Our state is a poster child of what can go wrong. Association health plans often shun the bad risks and stay with the good risks.”

As reported in the New York Times:

But to business groups, the executive order offers an opportunity to bind their members together and sell large-group insurance policies that are cheap and attractive. Dirk Van Dongen, the president of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, said that he was delighted with Mr. Trump’s initiative and that his group would seriously consider establishing an association health plan.

“Small to midsize businesses have very little leverage in the insurance market,” Mr. Van Dongen said. “Anything that allows them to amalgamate their purchasing power will be helpful.”

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