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Trump-Haters Share Photo of Obama Helping Hurricane Victims in Texas, but Guess What?

The Trump-haters have shot themselves in the collective foot once again. This time it’s related to Hurrican Harvey in Texas. They began by jumping onboard a Tweet that began doing the rounds of former president Obama handing out soup down in Texas to help the victims on the ground.

They gushed and applauded at how wonderful the ex-president is and how kind and helpful, the problem was…It didn’t happen.

In fact, the picture was taken in 2015 of him serving food in a homeless shelter. So why is it that the Obama supporters are so ready to jump on the train and begin cheering, whilst at the same time, being so ignorant as to get their news from only a single Tweet? Is there a connection between adulation and idiocy?

Is it possible that their blindness also applies to President Trump and his actions? Trump went to Texas to help out, yet he was lambasted by the very same group for not doing enough (and in some cases said that Obama is doing more). Is it possible that their hatred of Trump means he can do no right in their eyes, even when he does something well…In the same way that they see Obama performing miracles, whilst not even actually being there?

Trump is no angel. He makes mistakes, but he IS OUR president, and he’s not doing a bad job. Let’s not fall into the same trap as these idiots who worship Obama as an ideal.


When it comes to the gullibility of the average social media user, it’s not surprising to see fake news spread like the wind.

A recent example of this was a photo of former President Barack Obama allegedly serving food in Texas, which continues to feel the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey.

The caption stated, “Something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

The problem is, the photo is from 2015 of the then-first family serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

An account under the name Aiden Benjamin — described as a “parody account for laughs” under the profile — tweeted the photo, before later deleting it and offering an apology.

With Americans seemingly bored out of their minds, spreading false information is as easy as a PhotoShop app and a social media account.

An example of this is another Harvey-related photo making the rounds that features a SHARK superimposed on a flooded Texas freeway — it has been shared almost 59,000 times.

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