Did Trump Just Destroy Obamacare?

As Congress send back President Trump’s epic Tax Bill for his final signature, this is a major victory for the administration and for Donald Trump himself as he makes the most sweeping tax reforms seen in the last 30 years.

But not only has he put together a plan that will double the individual and couples tax deductible (making everybody better off who rely on those first few thousand dollars of their wage, but he has also (perhaps) managed to cut the legs out from underneath Obamacare. In a statement, he said:

“Obamacare has been repealed in this bill. We didn’t want to bring it up. I told people specifically ‘be quiet with the fake news media because I don’t want them talking too much about it. Because I didn’t know how people would – but now that it’s approved, I can say the individual mandate on health care, where you had to pay not to have insurance, okay, think of that one. You pay not to have insurance. The individual mandate has been repealed.”

So essentially, people who were fined for not having Obamacare will no longer be forced to come up with money they DO NOT HAVE! It was a truly pernicious element of the ACA, that made the poorest people who can’t afford Obamacare pay a fine for not buying a “government mandated product.” This will no longer be the case.

Does this mean that Obamacare is dead in the water? Sites like CNN have taken issue with the statement calling it out for its language, stating that the words” mandate” and others are incorrectly used. But the reality is that, as the majority of people understand it, they will no longer be forced to buy something they either don’t want or can’t afford.

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