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Trump: ‘I Lost My Patience with North Korea’

Trump has had it with North Korea / Shutterstock

US President Donald Trump is done with North Korea’s continuing rocket tests. During a state visit by the South Korean president, Moon Jae In, Trump spoke firmly: “The nuclear and ballistic programs of the regime demand a firm answer.”

The newly elected South Korean president was visiting the White House to talk about new trade agreements, but the war threat with North Korea was also an inevitable agenda item. “Together we face the threat of a reckless and violent North Korean regime,” said Trump in the press conference following the state visit.

Sanctions Chinese bank

On Thursday, America announced that a number of Chinese companies and a bank imposed penalties because they provide financial support to North Korea and trade the regime. With this, the United States is pushing the relationship with China sharply. Trump believes that the Chinese government has been the North Korean ally for too long.

Trump believes that the pending attitude towards North Korea has counteracted: “The time of strategic patience has ended, the strategy failed for years. Honestly, patience is over. “South Korea is trying to get ties with the northern neighbors through a dialogue. Trump does not think this is very helpful, and with new sanctions, it wants to close the flow of money further.

Trump raging on North Korea after death Otto Warmbier

‘No respect for human life’  “The North Korean dictatorship has no eye for the safety of its own people, or for its neighbors, and no respect for human life,” Trump said. The tensions between North Korea and America rose again in recent weeks, after the release of American prisoner Otto Warmbier. The 22-year-old student was arrested by the North Korean regime after he had stolen a propaganda flag.

After his release, he was nursed in the US city of Cincinnati. His father said immediately after the release on June 13 that his son was severely abused by the North Koreans. The brain injury of his son was a direct effect of torture according to the father. The regime in Pyongyang insisted that Warmbier suffered from botulism and the student had released humanitarian reasons.

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