Trump: “No Transgender in the US Forces”

The US government will under no circumstances allow transgender for any post in the armed forces.

“Our military device must focus on decisive and overwhelming victories and can not be hampered by the enormous medical costs and disruption that transgender would bring in the army,” the president announced Wednesday on Twitter.

Trump writes that he has made the decision after consultation with his military experts and generals. There would currently be more than 250 employees of the American armed forces in the process of gender change.

A year ago, the government of former President Barack Obama raised the ban on openly transgendered in the armed forces. “Americans who want to serve and meet our demands must be given the opportunity to fight for that opportunity,” said the then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

However, it was not possible for transgenders to sign up as a military. This is expected to be possible this year. Last month, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis put it out for six months, which provoked transgressors in the army.

A research published by RAND Corporation, published last year, revealed that 2,450 of the 1.2 million active military workers are transgender.

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