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This is Why Trump is the Only Politician with Real Conviction!

President Trump’s announcement that he will move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (effectively recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) has brought forth howls of anger and hate from all corners of the globe, including Senators and politicos. But the reality is, Trump was just completing promises they made themselves…So they should either admit they lied blatantly to the public who voted for them or shut the hell up.

The president has Tweeted out an interesting short video showing exactly the positions of former presidents:

He did what the others said they would but refused to do. Instead, every six months, they signed a waiver kicking the move six months further down the line. But if it was right for them to promise it, why is it wrong for Trump to actually do it?

In fact, just in June of this year, the Senate voted 90-0 to pass this! Not a single Democrat voted against it! So why are they complaining now? These same idiots who are on our TV screens calling this a bad move are the same people who pushed it and voted for it! Are they liars, idiots, or hypocrites? You choose.

There has been a call for violence in the countries surrounding Israel, and media pundits are saying that this is caused by President Trump’s decision. But there was vilence before he announced it. There has been violence for decades. So what has changed?

Pundits say this has damaged the possibility of a two-state solution, but isn’t that what people have been working on for years and are not one single step closer to achieving it? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

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