Trump Says this is the ‘Calm before the Storm’ at Dinner with Top Military

At a dinner at the White House with nation’s top military leaders, President Trump made an ominous statement. He said: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” When questioned about what storm he was referring to, he responded: “You’ll find out.”

Was this a veiled warning that things are about to become dangerous in the days ahead? Or was it a more subtle message pointing out that the military (and by extension America) is behind him and his Make America Great Again agenda?

The MSM are spinning this as an attempt to suggest that one of two things might be happening.

Scenario 1: Donald Trump has got the military on board to support him in taking out the North Korean regime. This will likely involve taking out Kim Jong Un and the hierarchy of military personnel.

Scenario 2: He has support for pulling out of the Iran deal, and that this will probably create some turmoil in the region. Perhaps he has military leaders offering solutions on how best to manage the fallout.


And of course, there are those on the far-left who thin that the President is about to declare martial law and sweep the streets…which is just plain ridiculous.

Everyone is either nervous or excited about this. But in reality, it was probably nothing important, and just a symptomatic reaction of the MSM and their desperate need to fill the 24-hour news cycle.

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