Trump Takes on the Athletes

It seems that President Trump has begun a war with America’s athletes because of their disrespect for the U.S and her symbols. He began in Alabama at a Luther Strange support rally by calling out NFL players for kneeling during the anthem and went on to criticize┬áNBA players for their lack of general respect towards him and the Presidency.

While the media are having a field day with this (it is the top trending story right now), the president is right to bring this up.

COnsider: These athletes (in immense positions of power and privilege) are making statements about how bad and racist the U.S and U.S institutions are. But their claims (or their actions) are nonsensical. They claim that America has institutionalized racism, but where were their protests between 2008 and 2016? Did the “institutionalized” racism only become institutionalized since January?

They are massive hypocrites. If the U.S is racist now, it was racist under Obama. At least under Trump, people are talking about it. But to only hop on the anti-Trump bandwagon now, and decide that only since Trump is this a problem is just plain stupid.

Where were their cries and their protests when Obama was in office? They were silent and accepting. Which means, conclusively, that either:

a) America was systemically racist during the Obama era, and they were silent about it. Which makes them complicit.

b) America was not systemically racist during this period, and therefore could not have institutionalized racism today!

So which is it? You’re either lying, complicit or just plain wrong. Trump is right to call them out on this.


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