Trump on Track to Win Big in 2020

It’s time for the radial left to face the reality that they are going to have to go head to head against President Trump in the 2020 election. They will not succeed in impeachment proceedings, and their calls for “assassination” are slowly fading…All that’s remaining for them is to try and fight an election.

The problem is, not only do they not have any credible candidates, but that President Trump has a solid level of support that is not promoted by the MSM. Here’s how he’ll win:

At least 80% of the folk who voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him again. This is a conservative estimate.

He has the advantage of being the incumbent candidate; this is worth quite a large percentage.

He only needs to win the Electoral College vote.

The Democrats approval ratings are below Donald Trump’s (although they are slightly above the Republicans).

The Democrats do not have a single candidate that doesn’t appear to be a disaster.

The DNC will rig the election to ensure a Californian candidate will be the ballot leader.

And here’s the big one:

All of the horror stories and fear-mongering projects that were launched by the DNC and the MSM working hand in hand, have not come true. All of the things they said would happen, didn’t.

They said the market would crash…It’s doing great!

They said employment would fall…It rose!

They said he would start a World War…He didn’t!

And this is why he will win…Because they spent all of their ammo trying to fight him the first time…What do they have left?

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