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Trump’s Travel Ban Approved in Full by SCOTUS!

President Trump keeps on winning. His wildly contentious Executive Order to halt travel from a range of countries that do not carry out proper vetting, often called the Travel Ban, has been passed in full by the Supreme Court. The ban applies to Syria, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The vote to enforce passed with only two Justices voting against: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor.

But when this was announced, the AP reported that it was only six countries, making the case that this was a “Muslim Ban,’ as they only listed the countries that have Muslim majorities. It was a dishonest move designed to inflame people to protest against the move. North Korea’s Muslim population is thought to be under 0.1% and Venezuela’s to be under 0.3%…How could this possibly be a Muslim Ban?

As is expected, the rest of the complicit media picked up on AP’s report and pushed it as the same. They have since updated their news.

A Spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, Tyler Q. Houlton said “We are pleased that the Supreme Court has agreed to allow us to fulfill this most vital mission performed by any sovereign nation.  DHS will continue to fully implement the President’s robust and Constitutional counterterrorism agenda in accordance with the law.”

These restrictions were not only part of President Trump’s platform, they are a necessity in ensuring that potentially dangerous individuals are thoroughly vetted. In actual fact, describing it as a Muslim ban is ridiculous, as it impacts less than 15% of the world’s Muslim population.

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