Trump’s Travel Ban Begins! (Partially)

On Monday in California, the courts decided to allow part of Donald Trump’s travel ban to come into effect. It is now possible for the US to ban people from six Muslim majority countries who have no immediate connection to family members present in America.

The ban will include people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Chad. It will not include people from Venezuela (although according to Trump’s initial ban it only included people complicit with the socialist government) or North Korea.

The Justice Department responded swiftly with, “We are reviewing the court’s order and the government will begin enforcing the travel proclamation consistent with the partial stay. We believe that the proclamation should be allowed to take effect in its entirety.”

The reality is that the travel ban is neither unwarranted, illegal, not even new. Under former president Barack Obama, travel bans were put in place that banned entry from certain people. It was done in the name of security for the nation. So why is this any different?

The reality is that a Globalist position has taken over the “mainstream” political view; included with this is the blurring of lines between what makes a person a citizen of a nation. Globalist corporations are behind the push for open borders as it will forever provide them masses of cheap labor who are willing to work for less. It does not create an opportunity for a nation, it creates a wage ceiling that few will ever escape.

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