United Kingdom Deprives Nationality of 150 Jihadists

The United Kingdom deprives 150 jihadists and other criminals of British citizenship. Even of jihad spouses, the nationality has seized. This only concerns persons with a second passport. The government is afraid that former citizens would come back to their home country, collapsing as Islamic State (IS), writes The Sunday Times.

British security services estimate the number of jihadists accesses of British descent that may return to three hundred. In order to prevent them from being a danger at return, half of them are taken their British nationality.

It is only about jihadists and criminals who also have a different nationality. According to international law, it is forbidden to make people stateless.

United States

The United States also has the power to reduce their nationality for jihadists with a second passport. As with the British, this law must prevent jihadists from being a danger at return. The procedure is nearly no-cost to the authorities, it is extra judicial. It may be made secret, and it takes a lengthy court procedure to even attempt to contest.

No passport, no worldwide travel: the supreme no-fly tool against prospective jihadis. So why has this procedure not been used more frequently? Leaving aside the not-insubstantial questions regarding their validity, the warnings are ominous.With a few Americans trying to combine ISIS, there are fears that in their return they may perpetrate terror in the U.S. Unlike overseas citizens, those radicalized Americans would sail through immigration checks as a way to readily disappear into a comfortable society. The U.S. is trying to attack the issue at the supply end, preventing Americans from leaving to join ISIS in the first place, in addition to from the opposite side, blocking citizens from returning openly to the United States.

Terrorist group IS losing more power in Iraq and Syria. Recently, Iraqi troops have regained Mosul, the battle for Syrian Raqqa is still ongoing.


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