This US Company Gives Millions to Black Lives Matter, Soros and Clinton

A new report detailing how much the Kellog’s Foundation gives away to causes has been released, and the shocking truth is that your money goes directly to groups like BLM, La Raza, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. If you don’t want to fund their ideology, time to stop buying Kellogs.

The Foundation was set up by the founder of Kellogs, who was politically right of center, to build hospitals and help children. His instructions for it were to “spend it on what you like as long as it does good.” In 2015, the group gave away grants worth $268,065,253.

CR’s Michael Volpe says this about the Kellog’s Foundation’s philanthropy:

It supports trendy, left-wing causes that contend America is a hopelessly racist country, along with groups that wage war on the free markets that the great capitalist Kellogg championed while alive. Kellogg would naturally approve of the foundation’s modern-day funding of hospitals, community centers, and children’s welfare organizations. But he never used his foundation to promote his politics which were apparently right of center for his times.

According to Daily Dose Politics, the Foundation gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter and a similar amount to Hispanic organization (these are not groups just helping out, these are politically biased groups). They also report that millions of dollars have gone to both Clinton and Soros.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a single cent of my money going to these people or groups. They all foster division, hate America and think that all white people are guilty of being racists. And this is not on!


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