US Senate Will Not Reject Obamacare Bill Repeal

Trump speaks out / Picture: Shutterstock

A majority in the US Senate voted Wednesday against plans by President Donald Trump to abolish the care law of his predecessor Barack Obama. Many Republicans voted against because they find that there is not yet an acceptable alternative.┬áThe bill dealt with by Senate was Trump’s most recent attempt to break down the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare.

The senators voted with 44-55 votes against the abolition. Among the non-voters were seven Republicans. The ‘Grand Old Party’ has only a small majority in the Senate with 52 of the hundred senators. The Democrats voted unanimously, reports The New York Times.

If the proposal had come to a vote, the Senators would have been given two years to set up an alternative care act.


The first version of an alternative care act, called Trumpcare, was rejected in the House of Representatives at the beginning of this year. A second attempt was successful but stumbled upon objections in the Senate.

A modified version of the plan could not count on a majority again. An excessive number of senators from Trump’s own Republican Party found that the alternative care act was insufficient. Critics denied the short-term and limited plans of the hastily prepared plans.

The next step for the Republican party leadership is probably to draft a slimmed version of the abolition plans, allowing them to step into a Senate Negotiation Committee and the House of Representatives.

That ‘truncated bill’ will probably focus on abolishing the legal obligation to terminate health insurance and a tax on medical equipment. This would mean that most of the ACA will remain for the time being.

No health insurance

Last week, Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell submitted a bill that provides for the abolition of large parts of Obamacare without immediately replacing it.

According to calculations by an independent government agency, however, it would ensure that around 22 to 32 million Americans would be out of health insurance within a few years. Many Republican senators consider that too risky, their fight for re-election in 2018.

There is a great deal of concern for the US president to refer the care law of his predecessor to the trash can. It was one of his most important electoral promises during last year’s presidential race. Trump did everything in order to convince his party fellow members to abolish Obamacare, whether or not without replacement.

“We are close, very close,” said Trump at a meeting of 49 of the 52 Republican senators. ” For seven years, you have promised the people to abolish Obamacare. People get hurt when it’s not going on now: doing nothing is honestly not an option. ”

Government intervention

The Republicans want to abolish Obamacare for seven years. According to the Republicans, the previous president’s care act is too expensive, and the government is too much involved in the insurance of Americans.

Obamacare ensured that tens of millions of uninsured Americans now have insurance. Trumpcare would undo this and, in addition, give many riches an added benefit.

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