US Veteran Immolates Himself at VA in Protest Over Neglect

A Gulf War veteran immolated himself in front of the VA in a protest over his neglect by the administration. This happened more than a year ago, so why are we only hearing of this now? Charles Ingram, 51, was messed around by the administration, moving his appointments, making new ones and not informing him, and canceling. He was in need of help and the agency responsible let him down.

At the time he set himself on fire and died, he had not managed to see a mental health specialist in over a year. This took place in March 2016.

It is a sad and sorry story of neglect and bureaucracy that led to a hero’s death. Sure, there have been some recent improvements to the VA under Donald Trump, but the fact that servicemen are killing themselves at such a shocking rate is a national disgrace.

If we can’t look after our veterans properly, what does it say about our country?

Looking after veterans is NOT just the responsibility of one department; it is the responsibility of us all. These people have risked their lives for our safety and freedom, and we need to do more as individuals to help these people…That is OUR duty.

USSA Today reported:

“After the death, VA Secretary David Shulkin allocated more clinical resources to the clinic, removed the hospital director overseeing the facility and directed regional officials to take over clinic management. He also instituted same-day mental health services for urgent cases.

But the report provides a tragic glimpse of how appointment-scheduling failures, which have plagued VA facilities across the country for years, can leave veterans desperate and without treatment. […]”


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