Vandals Attack More Monuments – This Time For the Anthem!

The Francis Scott Key monument in Baltimore has been vandalized. Key was the writer of the American National Anthem; he wrote it whilst being held prisoner by the British in 1812 and he is honored in statues around the country.

The vandals spray painted “Racist Anthem” on the base and covered it with paint.  This is not an attack on a statue…It is an attack on the very concept of America. There are those in the MSM who will refuse to condemn this, and by doing so they are admitting that they want the United States destroyed. To destroy the power of something, you must first destroy its symbols, and this is what they are trying to do.

The next “logical” step for these idiots is the Flag. Once it has become accepted that they can tarnish the anthem with impunity, they will definitely target that flag as a symbol of a country built on slavery.

These people are wrong, and they are idiots. If they want to protest slavery, why not look at countries where it is still happening? Why not start targeting the African nations that still practice very real slavery today? What about the Middle East? PLenty of slave trading happening there right now. They are idiots and they are hypocrites. They do not care about slavery, if they did, they would be looking at other nations.

Baltimore’s monument to the man who wrote the “Star-Spangled Banner” was defaced Tuesday night, with the words “Racist Anthem” scrawled in black.

The phrase was written at the base of the concrete and marble Francis Scott Key monument. Besides the black lettering, the structure was splashed with red and black paint.

On the ground near the monument, words from the third stanza of Key’s famous poem were painted in black, according to the Baltimore Sun: “No refuge could save, hireling or slave, from terror of flight, or gloom of grave.”

Police are investigating, but they’ve yet to identify any suspects.

Key penned what is now the national anthem while he was held captive by the British during the War of 1812.

H/T: Fox News Insider

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