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Instant Karma: Vegan Food Truck Owner In Hiding After Mocking Vegas Victims

Food Truck Owner, Delinda Jensen Closes Shop After Mocking Vegas Victims

Wilkes-Barre, PA – Following the Las Vegas massacre Delinda Jensen, owner of Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine, celebrated it as a victory for the vegan cause. In response to the tragedy Jensen self righteously took to Facebook and posted “Yes I am jaded. Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?”

Vegan, Delinda Jensen Mocking Vegas Victims On Facebook

You reap what you sow:

Her vile remark drew harsh criticism, as the post went viral. Jensen then doubled down and commented “I don’t give a f*ck about carnists anymore,” only adding fuel to the fire.

In attempt at damage control Jensen told, local paper the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader:

“Meat eaters or not, no one deserves to die like that. I wasn’t celebrating the death of those people. That’s not how vegans think. We are none violent… I f*cked up. Was is poorly written? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Yes, I am sorry I wrote that.” – Delinda Jensen

Too little too late. Perhaps she should have not said it, in the first place.

The barrage of replies from outraged Facebook users continued. Some of whom began to threaten her, according to Jensen.

“It’s almost like a lynch mob is forming. It seems it’s no longer about the Facebook post – now it’s about eating meat… We are aware that there are people on social media who haveĀ  been trying to organize groups to come after us.” – Delinda Jensen

As a result, Jensen ultimately had to close her food truck business and delete her social media accounts. The trailer from which she operated out of has been taken to a secret location and she has gone into hiding.

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