Vegas killer Paddock Took 20 cruises over the past year, also to the MIDDLE EAST! ISIS Connection?

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Vegas killer Paddock went on a cruise to the MIDDLE EAST over the past year — as ISIS Specialist says a link to the terror group should not be ruled out. The cruise was among 20 Stephen Paddock went on in the last year as authorities source affirms they are analyzing the trips for clues regarding his rationale.

An anonymous official confirmed the gunman went on no less than 20 trips within the last few years – one of which had been to the area in the Middle East.

The FBI had previously three claims by Middle Eastern terror group ISIS that Paddock carried out the attack on its behalf after converting to Islam six months ago. But an anonymous police source last night told Associated Press that investigators are closely analyzing the cruises he took in the years leading up to the massacre.

Among popular cruise destinations in the Middle East are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman, the Jordanian port of Aqaba, Bahrain, Qatar and a number of Egyptian ports. The Sun reported yesterday how on ISIS expert believes it is plausible that Paddock was in contact with ISIS.

Rukmini Callimachi, a reporter with the New York Times who covers the fanatics for the influential newspaper, said IS’s claim carried weight. She said: “ISIS has rarely claimed attacks that were not by either their members or sympathizers. “I don’t buy the argument that they are now opportunistically claiming attacks to deflect from battlefield losses.”

Stephan Paddocks body was left surrounded by bullet shells and guns after he killed himself IMAGE: AP

Fifty-eight people were killed and more than 500 injured when Paddock pumped thousands of bullets into a musical festival crowd from the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel. He fired into the crowd using his arsenal of more than 20 assault rifles and killed himself shortly before police burst into his room. Publicly, investigators have said they are struggling to establish a motive for the massacre. ISIS has claimed responsibility on three separate occasions, claiming Paddock converted to Islam six months ago.

But researchers ruled out any connections to the terror group. Authorities are “very confident” he didn’t have an accomplice during the shooting – but haven’t ruled out that somebody else might have been in the area ahead. One source confirmed police believe that he used a prostitute in the days prior to his assault.

The source confirmed the FBI is talking to a range of local call girls in an effort to track down her.


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