Video: Antifa Protesting Christians Slammed by Truck

Around the Christmas period, protests tend to die down and people stay home. But some Christians decided to gather and do a positive march instead, they organized and held a “March for Jesus.” Obviously, it was a peaceful march, but the Antifa idiots couldn’t stay way and decided to protest the march (perhaps revealing more about their true intentions).

Why anyone would want to protest a “March for Jesus” is beyond me, but protest they did, and perhaps Someone high up was not too pleased.

As the protest got underway, one of the Antifa members who was earlier heard stating that the Christian cross is a symbol of White Supremacy managed to get hit by a truck! The injuries included nothing more than a broken hip but could have been much worse.


For some reason, the protestor decided it would be a good idea to run across the highway without looking carefully. The Antifa group were clearly idiots. They espoused that these Christians were obsessed with their rights, which is “bad for people’s rights”?!?!?!? They denounced their use of free speech. They are morons. They preached that Communism is coming, saying that it will be “democratic and anarchistic” without realizing that it is an oxymoron.

So, hit by a truck. Is it Darwinism or God being angered? That’s a real debate!

Here’s the video:

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