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Video: Armored Vehicle Runs Over Protesters In Venezuela

Footage has emerged online of a Armored Vehicle running over protesters in Venezuela. Violent protests in Caracas led to a police response that included a armored car that ran over protesters. The El Nacional newspaper posted several video clips of the armored car incident. The Wall Street Journal compiled several pieces of footage into a single video:

134 people were injured in the protests. The injuries included lawmakers Freddy Guevara and Julio Montoya. Guevara is the acting leader of the Popular Will opposition party. He is acting for Leopoldo López. Lopez is serving a 14-year prison sentence for organizing peaceful protests in 2014. Many believe he is in critical condition in the hospital, however the government denies it despite not letting his wife or attorneys see him.

As the protests raged on, videos of the socialist president Nicolas Maduro Dancing appeared on TV:

Why are they protesting?

This video provides a great explanation as to why the protests are happening:

Source: Breitbart
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