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(Video) Where Are The Celebrities And Protesters Now? Officer Speaks From The Heart!

On July 5th, 48-year old NYPD officer, mother of 3 children, was killed in a brutal attack by a man with a mile long criminal record and a hatred for the police.

It was clearly an ‘unprovoked’ attack. The shooter, Alexander Bonds, just walked up to the police vehicle and fired one shot through the passenger window with a gun. Officer Familia was taken to a hospital, where she died.

Where action groups like Black LivesĀ Matters and all kind of celebrities immediately go protest when a criminal is shot, there is nobody on the streets to protest for this mother of three children, doing her job to protect our safety. She is just shot by a coward and nothing happens. This police officer was just ‘murdered for her uniform’ in the Bronx.

This agent speaks from the heart and we agree with him 100%. The police are here for our safety, support the police!

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